The Mediator’s Role

My role as your mediator is to help you to: identify goals and shared interests; gather information; develop options; and communicate openly, honestly and civilly.

I facilitate the discussions between you and your spouse. I provide a safe environment, encourage both of you to actively participate in making decisions, and help you to focus on goals for the future (and not on blame for the past).

As a mediator, I make sure that both of you have the same complete and accurate information. I also help you to develop options and to consider the consequences of those options so that you can make informed decisions.

I remain neutral to the decisions reached by the other parties. I do not take sides, I do not make decisions for you and I do not determine what is right or wrong for your situation.

The ultimate goal of Mediation is to help communicate so that together you can develop a mutually acceptable and binding agreement. If necessary, I will recommend when the assistance of a financial professional might be appropriate.