Prenuptial Mediation

During prenuptial mediation an impartial professional assists people who are considering marriage or cohabitation to explore and reach agreement on relevant financial and family matters. The couple identifies the issues, considers the options, and understands the impact. They mutually reach decisions regarding ownership in or division of property, support obligations, family issues, or other matters that they deem important.

Benefits of Prenuptial Mediation

Open Discussion. In a prenuptial mediation all the issues and potential problems are brought into the open for discussion in order to make decisions that will meet both your needs.

Collaborative and Non-Adversarial. The prenuptial mediation process facilitates the discussion of sensitive and emotional issues in a non-confrontational way.

Empowering. You mutually decide what is best for you. Prenuptial mediation gives you an opportunity to find creative ways to reach an agreement that is tailored to meet your unique needs/interests.

Fair and Equitable. A prenuptial agreement is not just about protecting one’s assets, but also about ensuring that the agreement is fair and equitable. The best time to make decisions on these issues is when both partners share a commitment to each other.

Strengthens Relationship. Frank discussions during a prenuptial mediation can strengthen trust and solidify the relationship. Open communication is the basis of a strong and healthy relationship.

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